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Click here to read the latest newsletter (Volume 23, No. 2; December 2007).


Note that "Signals" Volume 18, Number 1, February 2002, is both the last issue printed in hardcopy and the first issue designed specifically to be put onto this website (all previous issues were mailed to a list of subscribers). We will, however, prepare and mail just a few hardcopies of each issue for those persons who notify us that they don't have Internet access and wish to have a hardcopy mailed to them.

Looking at the list of volumes below, you see that the volumes are listed in reverse chronological order (latest first). After you click on one of the links below to obtain a webpage of links to the individual newsletters for that year, you will see that those newsletters are also listed in reverse chronological order.

Each newsletter that you will view in this group (Group 2) uses different colored backgrounds to distinguish each article from the adjacent articles. If you desired to print out the newsletter with the color backgrounds, that would use a lot of colored ink (toner) on a color printer. Thus, a printer-friendly version is provided. Within the newsletter itself, click on the link with the text "Printer-Friendly Version" at either the top or bottom of the issue you are viewing. This printer-friendly version eliminates the color backgrounds and uses horizontal rules to separate the articles (although the NAAPO logo remains in color).

Note that all available issues prior to Volume 18, Number 1 have been scanned from printed copies and put onto this website; they are classsified as Group 1 newsletters. To go there click on the link "[Back to Newsletters Introduction]" below and choose to view the Group 1 newsletters.

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Year: 2007; Volume: 23

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Year: 2002; Volume: 18

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